People Really Like Us!

Bob & Missy Massey

"I found Preslar Music through a magazine 10 years ago called Tulsa Kids. There was an advertisement in there and I called and spoke with Amanda. What I liked the most when I first called was just the openness and the easiness. It's a relaxed atmosphere. It's just a fun environment for the kids. She works really hard to make it fun for the kids and the instructors do too. The instructors really care about how the child excels in their talent and what they're wanting to do. They're just wonderful with the kids. They do everything to encourage them that they can and have fun right along with them.  When I first called, I honestly ... we never checked anywhere else. I called and it's just the feeling that you get that as soon as you talk to Amanda, you know you're home. That's all it took. If you're starting from scratch, if you're wanting to improve on a talent that you already have, they'll work with you." - Missy Massey "What we noticed the most was we had two children that first started and they asked him if they liked a certain instructor or if they want to change or whatever and so it's kind of you pick what you want. If you feel comfortable with a particular instructor, that's what you get. I felt like the minute we walked in we're just part of the family as opposed to just being a number with other ... in my travels, I've seen other studios it's kind of cookie cutter and here you just kind of fit in like family. They encourage you at times to come in and listen to the lesson, sit in on the lessons so you can see how they're teaching and the progress that your child's making. Well, if you have a child or even ... they have adult classes too. If somebody that you know or in your family that extremely interested to learn how to play a certain instrument or instruments or voice lessons and everything like that. Yeah, they take you ... say like myself, I couldn't sing a note but they could help me to where I could sing a note. They work with the ... from nothing to bringing you up." - Bob Massey

"My 7 year old son had a blast! Not only did he learn a modern approach to playing the piano, but he really embraced the performance side as well. All the instructors are talented, and have a great time with the kids. Thank you Preslar Music for the impact you’ve made!"

Rob Beckley

Amanda Duenner

"My name is Amanda Duenner, my daughter is Ava Greer. I heard about Preslar from a girlfriend of mine that has a son that was an outstanding drummer. I really like the fact that they really teache some strong drumming skills to my daughter and she really enjoys the environment. We've been to two different other music studios, this one I choose for several reasons. I knew she would excel really quickly in her drumming skills.  She was preparing for a talent show, and she was ready for that within three or four lessons. She just really enjoys it here and it's a convenient location for me. I would say it's top notch.  We've been to two other schools, and she didn't seem to excel as quickly as she has in her drumming at Preslar Music. Also, her instructor has come by our house to set up her electric drums for her. He's been very helpful and just pushes her to be the best. I would just say, it's a really fun place to go. The staff and the instructors are friendly and helpful, and they're there to teach music. It's a business for them and they want to help you excel. Whatever music skill you want to develop, I feel like they will help you move forward very quickly and teach you some really great skills." - Amanda Duenner 

"Excellent music school - very innovative in their approach to music instruction."

Peggy Morrow

Ava Greer

"My name is Ava. I'm here to play drums. I like how comforting it is and fun it is. You also learn a lot. I've been to another [music school] for about four years, and I like this one way better.  I've been here for a couple of months and I've already learned way more than I have there. My instructor John, he's really nice and fun. Whenever he teaches me something he teaches it to me in a fun way so I can remember it. It's really fun and you'll learn a lot here if you come, but ... That's all I'd say." - Ava

"Absolutely wonderful program for adults that have always wanted to learn an instrument! Come to find out there are a lot other students in the same boat. The instructors are phenomenal! Not everyone learns in the same way and my instructor really has a gift for teaching and accommodating the lessons to my pace. Amanda is one if the most supportive and encouraging people I’ve ever met! I’m so glad I finally gave guitar lessons a shot! Love this school!"

Kelsey Downey, Student

Bella Bolen

"My name is Bella Bolen. Me and my mom saw their group of [Preslar Music] students at Mayfest. I like how they give people a chance to live their dreams no matter what age they are and perform. I sing...I play the "vocal cords" (giggle). If I were to recommend Preslar to a friend or a family member I would tell them that it's a really good experience and that they should try it because they'll like it. Preslar Music is a really fun way to express your talent of music. It's a good way to meet new people. It's really fun and you get to perform. I've performed at Full Moon twice now I think and it's really really cool because it's performance. You're performing in front of people (which some people never get the chance to do), so it's a good opportunity. Our instructors are very nice and they're very creative. They're not like the teachers you'd find at school.  They're very different, and they're very nice and they'll help you. Preslar is awesome, there we go. - Bella Bolen 

"Been with Preslar Music for the past 9 years...you read that right 9 (nine) years!!! Come on and join us, if you are not with Preslar....where are you?!?"

Deb LaManque

Cullen Koger

The first time I heard about Preslar Music I was actually driving down 15th street and there was a music store right over by Cherry Street Coffee. I actually walked in there because I was going home for lunch one day from work and I just saw that they had just opened up and... I was like, you know I think I need a guitar! I don't know why, it just hit me.  I was like "I think it's time to learn how to play a guitar". So I walked in there, talked to Brandon, and he got me set up with an acoustic guitar.  I said "hey so do you guys give lessons as well?", and he's goes "No, I don't. But right across the street there... they'll give you a free lesson since you just bought a guitar from me". So, I walked across the street, talked to Amanda and got signed up with Stephen.  That was four years ago. When I was at my first lesson with Stephen he asked me, "Have you ever picked up a guitar or played guitar before"?  I was like, " You know what?  I smashed one at a party in college and that was it the was only time I picked up a guitar." Stephen was awesome, and like I said, I haven't turned back...I'm still playing, and I'm still taking lessons. I think everybody here has a real passion for music. They don't just live it here in the studio. I mean it's obviously their job.  They're all professional musicians outside the studio, and they invite you to be a part of the community as well.  In addition to being a student, they take you on this musical adventure within the community. We started a jam session over at Kevin Doyle's house, which is another adult student, and that was probably six months after I started taking lessons. It went from a group lesson to an actual jam band, and we actually play out and have gigs and stuff. What's really telling about the instructors here at Preslar is, you know, they get up on stage with us... I mean they run the show and everything like that, but they have the confidence in us as students to put their professional reputations on the line and actually get up there and share the stage with us in front of a descent sized crowd!  The last gig we played was a January 9th, and there was a hundred and eighty people there. I mean in addition to lessons and stuff, they'll do group recitals, and then every once in a while they just have like a little jam here that you can come in and join. That in itself is something that is pretty cool...just being able to make music with another group of people. There are no judgments, and I just think that you're going to get a quality experience whether its for you individually, or for your kids... you're just going to get a quality experience by coming to Preslar. - Cullen Koger

"Without a doubt the best music school in the Tulsa area!"

Maddie Riggin, current student

Faith Simmons

"My name is Faith Simmons. My mom and I were looking for a new music studio, and we found Preslar Music on the internet. I really like Preslar Music because they have a lot of opportunities to sing at places. You can get involved with other people with the group bands, which makes [music] fun to play with other people. I've been to a few different places, but this has been my favorite out of the other music schools. There are just so many more singing opportunities, and a lot more things to get involved in. They really know what they're talking about.  They're not just someone who has played and now they're teaching you.  They've had experience with it for a very long time. I would probably tell someone looking for a music school, that this is a very fun opportunity.  All of the people here are so inviting, and they pretty much treat you like family. They have so much knowledge about all of the things they're teaching, and it's just really organized how they set it up. You get emails and stuff as reminders because your lives can be crazy sometimes. You'll forget, but they just send you a message and you'll be like, "Oh, I have this today!"  There has been times that I'll forget about lessons and different things like that." - Faith Simmons

"Great teachers and instruction style. My kiddos really look forward to their lessons every week!"

Auburn Rubitsky

Greg Elwick

"I first heard about Preslar Music from a friend of mine who took lessons here. He had good things to say. The thing I like most about Preslar Music is they're very willing to work with you (to fit your style and your needs), and they're very good at drawing out what you're trying to learn...whether it's voice or instrument. I haven't tried anywhere else, but I will say this about my experience here: When something is really good, you stick with it!  You don't look elsewhere. That's been my experience.  It's been very good, and I've been very satisfied with the instruction that I get.  The feedback and the encouragement is why I continue on here at Preslar Music. I would definitely tell everyone to give them a shot and try it out. I know for me, they offered a first lesson free.  So, really, what have you got to lose?  At least give it a shot and try it out, and then from there they can give you instruction as to what instructor you might fit best with, and they can guide you from there. From that point, you can make a decision if you want to start lessons. Why should you check out Preslar Music? Because, from my experience, it's one of those things that I wanted to try something that I would be out of my comfort zone, we'll say. Through doing that, through Preslar Music, they've been a part in helping me grow in confidence with singing, and especially more and more in front of people... which I never really saw myself doing a few years ago. They've been great at just helping me pull out what's inside of me, and that's been a very good experience. I've done a couple local things and I volunteer singing at church. That's a fun thing in which I can apply what I've learned here into what I do normally in a volunteer role. When it comes to trying to learn music, you see a lot of the shows out there ... American Idol and The Voice and things like that...People are really good - or they're really bad - and then they also have an attitude along with that. I think the best value you can get out of a place like Preslar Music is to come in with an open mind, be teachable, and let the instructor walk you through exercises and things that you don't think are important at the beginning maybe, but it all plays into your voice or your instrument down the road. I think that's a good thing, to have a teachable mindset when you come into a wonderful place like Preslar Music." - Greg

"Preslar Music will always hold a special place in my heart. Both my kids were part of the Preslar Music family for several years until we moved out of state. We miss it so much! The Preslar teachers taught my kids the fundamentals of playing their instruments while also sharing their infectious love for music. Sadly, we haven’t found quality instruction in our new town, but my kids both still play their instruments regularly. I am thankful to Preslar for getting them started!"

Kathy Ostrem

Jessica Bolen

"My name is Jessica Bolen and my daughter's name is Bella Bolen. I first heard about Preslar Music at Mayfest. I saw the Preslar Music students perform on stage, and my daughter really connected with the music that they were playing, . What I like most about Preslar Music is that the students have an opportunity to express their individuality in their song choices, and they have a lot of opportunities to perform in front of a live audience. The bands are all comprised of students at Preslar Music. It's a class you actually take, the band class, and they put you together with students of other like-abilities. As a group, the band selects the songs they're going to perform, and they practice twice a month.  They get together, and then once they have a song ready, they have an opportunity to perform it. The Preslar Music has showcases, and they have an opportunity to play anytime that they want.  They can get on the schedule with Amanda if they're doing a showcase, but they also do their showcases with their bands.  Once they have a song ready, they can get on the schedule. There's several students that perform regularly, and then others have an opportunity to get on the schedule whenever the feel like they have a song ready to play. If I were to recommend Preslar Music to a friend or family member, I would tell them that it's a great place for students to have an opportunity to learn vocal skills and instruments, regardless of what level they're at. You should join Preslar Music because it's a fun way to develop your musical talents." - Jessica Bolen 

"Amanda & the whole team at Preslar Music are absolutely incredible to work with! Amanda went out of her way to help me in any way needed before I did an audition. I worked with Sarah Maud to go over my vocal selections for the audition - I love how down to earth Sarah is, and really appreciated how comfortable she made my first session. Sarah & Amanda were both extremely encouraging & helpful. I am thankful for the new found relationship with Amanda & the Preslar Music team!"

Michelle Benedek

Kelsi Downey

"My name's Kelsi Downey. I heard about Preslar through a friend of mine that I was singing background vocals for. I told him I was interested in playing guitar. He introduced me to the Preslar family. The first thing I really noticed was their vision for things, and their really supportive little music community. I think that's great that people lift up those around them, and provide opportunities for them to play music in the community. I grew up with my dad as a musician, and saw him play guitar. He had tried to teach me growing up, and I wasn't really able to learn from him. It was a big relief to come here and take lessons, and have an instructor that paid attention to the way that I learn..and was really patient with me in learning guitar. I think that it's great to have teachers, these great instructors, and to be able to come in for lessons at any age. It doesn't matter if you've ever had any lessons, or if you're picking back up where you left off. The instructors are great at meeting you where you're at. I think that there are great opportunities in the community to play music and showcase talent. It doesn't matter how old you are. Obviously, I came in late in the game...kind of a bucket list-type of thing. I am really happy with what I've learned here. We met up as a little group and rehearsed outside of lessons, and were able to play gigs at venues around town. It's kind of a nice little community if you do ever want to work. There are plenty of opportunities that I've gotten through Preslar Music. It's also allowed me to work on my own, too. I really respect Amanda. I think she, as a person, has this ability to kind of "lift up" people around her. That's a kind of quality that I would like to have. I think that she's perfect to be in the place that she's at and to have a school like this. She's kinda of a special person. I think that their instructors are amazing, and I think that it's great for anybody, any age. The ability to do things within the community and showcase the talent...I think that there's no other places that you can take lessons that provide something like that." - Kelsi Downey 

Marc LaManque

"My name is Mark LaManque. I heard about Preslar Music for the first time about seven or eight years ago. One of my friends was playing piano and I was like, "If they can play piano, then I can play piano!" We asked who they took from, and that's how I ended up here. It was a little house in South Tulsa, and it's grown to this over seven or eight years. I think Preslar is just a completely different kind of music school. When people say, "Oh I take piano lessons", there's kind of this preconceived notion that it's like oh, all like "classical, dah, dah, do, dah" like very, very structured without a lot of room for freedom or artistic development. Whereas, when you come here, it's "what do you want to do"? "How do you want to work on your strengths"? "How do you want to work on your weaknesses"? "How do you want to get better as a musician"? "Where do you want to go as a musician"? "What genre do you like to play"? You just you ... It's art ... You get developed as an artist rather than just playing strictly one thing. I was seven when I started here so I didn't really look at any other schools before I came here, but I thank my lucky stars that I did end up here because it's been a great eight years. When it comes to performing at Preslar, there's a plethora of opportunities to be onstage, and it's been like that since I was seven. It started out as just Preslar Christmas or Spring recitals, and it's grown to playing at coffee shops around the area, playing at restaurants downtown, and playing concerts in her backyard with big production and stuff. You have so many opportunities to be on stage and grow your stage presence.. and to learn how to be on stage rather than just be stuck in a room playing your instrument. Preslar Music has some of the best musicians that travel and play in Tulsa. You get that kind of opportunity to learn from their personal performing experiences, and not just out of a book." - Mark LaManque

Rachel Simmons

"My name is Rachel Simmons, and my daughter is Faith Simmons. I actually found Preslar through searching on the internet. I have chosen Preslar because I like that they're passionate about getting the kids out and performing.  I think that's a big part of teaching them to become great musicians. There are some great much places in Tulsa, but Preslar really stands out because they give these kids so many opportunities to perform. I would say you have to try it! Come out, walk around, get a feel for it... that you will not be disappointed if you give it a try." - Rachel Simmons

Sarah & Sam Parker

"My name is Sarah Parker.  We went to Marquette, just right across the street from here, and our mom had been wanting us both to take piano for years. I really like the people. I took piano from Mark for three years until I got burnt out on piano... but I loved him!  Now I take voice from Sarah and everyone's always been so friendly and personable. I've taken piano and voice.  I would say it's a great education. It really helps you learn a lot, and you'll like everyone you meet. Playing at venues around town is a really cool thing to do just because it opens you up to new opportunities and makes you have less stage fright and stuff. Hunt Club is downtown...it's this cool, outdoor music venue. You kind of feel cool doing it, I was proud of myself when we did it, I know that. I promise you'll like it." - Sarah Parker "My name is Sam Parker. Mark is fantastic. He's awesome. Join Preslar because it's really fun and you won't regret it because playing instruments is fun and we need new people that play other instruments is also really fun." - Sam Parker

Shea Eby

"My name is Shea Eby and my son is Seth Eby. I first heard about Preslar Music, I was driving around town and that was actually at their old location and I saw the sign and I called. Amanda was so great and she just fit us in and we've been here for almost two years. I love that Preslar Music makes, they make music fun and the kids love it. I love it and I think music needs to be fun and they do a great job at that. My daughter took lessons at another music place in town and I had to drag her out the door to go take lessons and there was no energy and it was drabby and she just dreaded it. Whereas here, they walk in the door and Seth's happy and there's energy and it's fun and the teachers are great and everyone's hip and it's outstanding. If I could recommend Preslar Music to another family, I always tell them that my favorite thing is to watch the kids perform in the group setting and they perform as a little band and the kids can watch other kids play and it's just awesome. Then, I love when they go up to the Full Moon and to see my son up there on stage and we had a group of 20 of us cheering him on and it's so empowering and he is up there just playing his little heart out and that to me, is so cool. That just beats a normal recital, you know, is a little stuffy in my opinion and to me, just being on a stage is fun. It's great for them, a good experience. You should try Preslar Music because it's just a great atmosphere. They make music fun and they're just great teachers and it's great energy. It's an awesome place. I love Amanda and I love the teachers and I love just the building and the atmosphere and my son just, he loves it. In fact, he loves it so much he has been in piano for almost two years and he was in a group band situation and he saw the kid next to him just jamming away on the drums so now, he just started drum lessons. So it's pretty cool that his love for music has grown from this place." - Shea Eby

Seth Eby

"My name is Seth Eby, since I've been doing it, I've been learning a lot more into music. I'd say Presler Music is the coolest place to learn music about. My favorite thing is their fun time music with. Thank you for teaching me music. I love Presler Music." - Seth Eby
Preslar Music